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google https compliance seo mixed content website security padlock
9th December 2019

Google and HTTPS Compliance

Have you heard about Google HTTPS compliance yet? Did you know that where once HTTPS (usually via SSL) was only required on ecommerce checkout pages and, for the more assiduous web administrators, on contact form pages too, it is now becoming a standard to have all pages on a website fully HTTPS compliant. Find out more here and why you should be adding an 'S' to the end of your web protocols!
20th September 2019

Make WordPress Private Posts Visible to Subscribers

Private posts and pages on WordPress can be very useful for hiding content that is internal to the orgnaisation or perhaps a little too sensitive for common consumption. However, only WordPress Administrator and Editor user types will be able to see the private content and this might be a little restrictive for your requirements. What, for example, if you want another user type to have read access to the private content, without necessarily being able to create or edit such content? Here is one quick solution which makes WordPress private content visible to your Subscriber users
18th July 2019

Multiple H1 Tags, WordPress, SEO and the Whole Shebang

We're all pretty clear by now that having a clear web page title in a H1 tag is good for SEO, but what if we have multiple H1 tags? How will that look to users and to Search Engines and does it hurt our SEO? Here we look at the question of multiple H1 tags and SEO with relevance to HTML5 and theme design.
how to prevent websites from being indexed
4th May 2019

Prevent Your Development Website from being Indexed

Usually we definitely want search engines to crawl our websites and index them for us. However, there is at least one scenario where it is precisely the opposite effect we are seeking - to prevent our development website from being indexed by Google, or indeed any of the major Search Engines. Here is the how and why of preventing your site from being indexed
website speed and page speed optimisation for seo
22nd March 2019

Site Speed and Page Speed Optimisation

We can all agree that faster site speed is a good thing. Not only, as users, do we enjoy a better UX when web pages load faster, but as business owners and web administrators we just know faster pages means happier users and more inbound leads. Well, this time we have a freebie for you to help speed up your website with the click of a button. Read on...the magic is right inside this article!
domain authority website referrals page rank word of mouth
4th October 2018

Word of Mouth | Speak, Search, Click, Repeat

The Internet is now the number one provider of brand information before, during and after conversations. With customer recommendations still a major source of business referrals many people don’t realise that word of mouth combined with even a basic online presence is exponentially better than either one on its own
SEO experiments
6th August 2018

SEO Experiments with the Mad Scientist

SEO experts estimate that Google uses about 200 ranking factors. Their respective weights in contributing to ranking, and the nuances of how they process a website’s SEO signals, is something that we can never know for certain. Enter the SEO experiments and the mad, but brilliant, experts who conduct them
google analytics event tracking
15th June 2018

Google Analytics Event Tracking

If you wish to track events on your website, such as button clicks, for example, you'll need to configure your site and your Google analytics account. Using Google Analytics this way can tell you where the leads for your business are really coming from and where additional conversion opportunities might be found.
trading online voucher ecommerce shopping basket
15th April 2018

National Trading Online Voucher

The trading online scheme is designed to provide individual qualifying businesses with a voucher of up to €2,500 to be used along with the company’s own matching funding for the implementation of a trading online component to their business. The scheme aims to encourage online engagement by Irish SMEs through the adoption of digital services or skills
duplicate content seo penalty link rel attribute beautiful girl self portrait clone
27th February 2018

Duplicate Content & How to Handle It

It’s not uncommon to give a blog article multiple categories on your site. But maybe you vaguely recall something about duplicate content being bad for Google SEO. Read on for how you can use the link 'rel' attribute to safely allow you to duplicate content while keeping the Google spiders happy.
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