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Lego Minifigures

A bright, fun and extremely popular toy needs a website to match it. When asked to build the Minifigures ecommerce website, the team couldn’t contain themselves. Ideas spewed effortlessly, funnelled into an easy-to-use, vibrant shop catalogue.

Working against the clock, Whitespider split into two teams – the frontend design work done in parallel with the CMS, eCommerce engine and WordPress plugin development strands.

The site sprang to life and sailed through testing before being launched well within deadline.

Further work was undertaken by Whitespider to add additional customisations to the design in 2016 and 2017.  This included amendments to the category display for improved User Experience and for SEO purposes, as well as improvements to image handling for mobile and smaller tablet devices.

We also brought the site completely in line with Google’s HTTPS standard in 2017.  This involved forcing HTTPS pages over their HTTP equivalent for all content on the website and identify and removing any mixed content issues to ensure the website was fully compliant.


12th April 2016
Minifigure Maddness
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