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Nimabrush Makeup Brushes

Nimabrush is one of those great Irish success stories. Built from the ground up by the boundless energy of Niamh Martin, Nimabrush sought to upgrade their original website and approached Whitespider to provide the design, feature set, media elements and SEO.

The site was built using a customised Bootstrap grid framework and cutting-edge ecommerce elements were added, including dynamic pricing, promotion modules, mix ‘n match features and product catalogue management tools to easier administration.

Additionally, Whitespider added a STRIPE Payment Gateway, which is not only more robust and secure, but gives Nimabrush improved commercial terms over previously used Payment solutions.

Because Nimabrush stressed the importance of an easy-to-use website with the emphasis on customer experience, married to an aesthetic that reflected the brand and the nature of the product, no stone was left unturned in researching and developing the solution.

Immediately after launch customers volunteered hugely positive feedback, revenues increased and SEO ranking jumped considerably. Nimabrush.com is now one of Whitespider’s success stories too!

nimabrush website by whitespider


22nd August 2017
Nimabrush Makeup Brushes

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