Website Backups & Recovery


Scheduled Backups of your web code files, content & images as well as that very essential database, gives you one less thing to worry about. We store your backups securely offsite in case a serious issue strikes your server. We can restore a single file or your entire website very quickly in the event of a disaster

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Website Backup & Recovery

Using the very best available website backup tools, we will schedule backups of your website content, code and database.  Typically we backup the database twice per week and the content and code three times per week.  However, the schedule that you prefer can be agreed at no extra cost, so if you want everything backed daily, we can do that too.

Using remote storage, your backups are automatically transferred to one of our secure offsite locations.  This way, if you encounter any serious problems with your server you can be confident that all of the elements that make up your website are stored safely somewhere else.  Additionally, we retain backups for a rolling two month period.  So you can retrieve a file or indeed the entire website as it was at any point in the previous eight weeks.

In the event of database corruption, an attack on your website, virus or any other issues, we can restore everything, from a single file, the database itself, or the entire website.  A full restore can be completed rapidly so your downtime is minimised.

In order to install and configure your backups we will need to access your hosting and also the backend of your website. Please contact us first so we can arrange access with you.

Whitespider’s Backup & Restore service runs for a full annual term. A single purchase gives you one complete year’s service, commencing from the time of the first backup. We will contact you within two weeks of expiry of the service to give you the option to renew.

After your backups are configured we will test that all backed up content is transferring correctly to your secure account on our remote server.

Your backed up website will be packaged and encrypted with a unique key required to unlock them. This is an added layer of security for you.

We will perform a test restore of your website from one of the backup packages to ensure that, in the event of a disaster, we can restore your site without issues.

The Backup service includes any / all recoveries you might require, from single file recovery to a full website restore