Website Migration


If you need to move your website to a new server or new hosting, then this is the service for you. We will archive your database and all files, folders & web content before rebuilding the environment on your new server. Then we move your site across, reconfigure your DNS records, test and signoff on your successful migration

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Website Migration

With our website migration service we will package up every aspect of your website from the current location. This includes archiving the database carefully, zipping up all of your content and your web code files.

We then access your new hosting environment and create a new space for your website. We also create a new, empty, database where we unpack the original with care. We can also change pathnames so all your links & menus work perfectly on the new server.

To complete the website migration, we will change your DNS records so that your domain is associated with the IP of the new server. This way your users continue to browse to your site without any problems.

As we will need to access both your existing server and your new hosting environment, we recommend that you contact us beforehand so we can ascertain the login details for accessing your hosting.

Once we have confirmed that we can access the servers and that nothing is amiss, we schedule your transfer for no later than 24 hours after purchase, although we endeavour to provide a same-day service.

If you have any other requirements, such as email configuration for example, you can also let us know ahead of purchasing to ensure the whole job is completed in the minimum number of steps

Please note that in order for your migration to go smoothly we will need to measure the total size of you current website files, folders and database. If you are running an ecommerce website, for example, the size of the migrated package can sometimes be significant and we may need to discuss further with you.

If you are in an emergency situation and need your website migrated urgently, we do provide a priority service for completing the whole task within two hours maximum. However, this carries an additional fee of €50.

In order to complete a migration we will need to change some or all of your DNS records. We can provide the details for you to change these yourself from your domain management control panel, but we are happy to access this, with your permission, and make these changes for you.

Please note, in some cases, the changeover of DNS records can take 24 hours after we have made the necessary amendments. This is not within our control and is due to the domain changes needing to propagate globally. However, in practice we have rarely seen this take more than a couple of hours at most.