Website Security


Reduce your hackable target area with constantly updated web security tools. Includes, but not limited to, IP blacklisting, country blocking, optional two-factor authentication, pre-emptive blocking of suspicious user behaviour and bot identifiers. Fully monitored by

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Website Security

Our Website Security Service is designed to reduce the size of your hackable area. Websites are constantly under attack by malicious users. Properly configured VPS hosting and websites developed with security in mind can significantly diminish the likelihood of a successful attack. However, VPS hosting can be very expensive and, unfortunately, few website owners or administrators have full knowledge of the standards employed by the website developer(s).

We will install cutting-edge website security which, amongst other things, will:

  • Identify suspicious behaviour and report it to us immediately
  • Automatically block malicious bots from crawling your site, seeking exploits
  • Allow you to blacklist single IPs, IP ranges or IPs from specified countries
  • Allow you to enforce two-factor authentication for more secure login systems
  • Monitor changes to your website code & plugins, suggesting actions or updates

This is a monitored service. We will act in the event of any alerts. We will update you weekly as a matter of routine, or at any time that a significant alert arises.

In order to install and configure your Web Security we will need to access your hosting and also the backend of your website. Please contact us first so we can arrange access with you.

Whitespider’s Web Security & Monitoring service runs for a full annual term. A single purchase gives you one complete year’s service, commencing from the time of the completed installation. We will contact you within two weeks of expiry of the service to give you the option to renew.

While our Web Security & Monitoring service significantly enhances your web security, we cannot guarantee a 100% secure site. Unfortunately, it is impossible for such guarantees.

What we can say is that this service makes a successful attack on your website extremely unlikely as to exploit your site requires clearing many obstacles by the hacker.

As our Web Security service is dynamic, it is capable of placing temporary blocks on IP addresses that trigger alerts, giving us the chance to review these IPs before deciding if the block should become permanent.

Additionally, as this is a monitored service, we are able to suggest any additional actions to you in terms of software updates, for example.