Website SEO Audit


Find the best keywords for your sector and learn more about how your competitors are beating you to page one on Google Search Results.  An SEO Audit from Whitespider will quickly provide the information you need to make significant improvements to your website's SEO

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SEO Audit

An SEO Audit can fill in the knowledge gap for you to make considerable improvements to your SEO position.  With a incredibly fast turnaround – we can have your full Audit report back to you within three days at the very latest – our SEO Audit can provide the following information to you:

  • The best keywords for your industry or sector
  • A scale indicating the SEO difficulty of keywords
  • Statistics for the top ten competitors for your main keywords
  • In-depth keyword analysis of two nominated competitors

We will also provide recommendations for SEO meta and content changes for up to ten of your website pages, based on the outcomes of the SEO Audit. If you do not currently have a Google Search Console Account (Webmaster Tools), we will assist in setting one up for you in order that you can better manage your SEO into the future.

Please complete the order form correctly during the purchase process. This includes essential information to get you the very best SEO Audit possible.

We will need the website addresses of the two competitors you nominate. We will also need you to indicate your sector / industry and your domain name.

Finally, on completing the order form, it is important to include the country or city that you wish to prioritise for this analysis, as SEO and ranking positions vary by location.