Website SEO Monthly Plan


Track the SEO Health of your website and receive a comprehensive monthly report with SEO indicators and recommendations.

This monthly SEO plan is non-contract and you may drop out at any time. Each report offers a comparison with the previous month’s health score, allowing you to identify how well your website is improving in terms of overall SEO health

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SEO is not a once-off task, but rather an ongoing effort to bring your site as high as possible in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With your competitors budgeting for SEO each month and the change in Google ranking algorithms, standing still is the same as going backwards. Whitespider’s SEO Monthly Plan is designed to give you month-on-month reporting of your SEO progress, showing you clearly what needs to be addressed on your website. This includes:

  • An overall standardised SEO health score for your website, tracked monthly
  • A full SEO analysis of your website with dashboard summaries
  • Clear descriptions of critical errors, notifications and helpful information
  • All compiled and emailed to you in PDF format at the beginning of each month

Most of the recommendations arising from your monthly report can be actioned by you or your web admin team. You can, alternatively, ask Whitespider’s SEO Team to implement any or all recommendations at a reduced rate when you purchase this monthly plan.

There is no contract with this SEO plan. You can purchase it month-by-month and drop out at any time. If you drop out and resubscribe later, we will continue to track your SEO health from where you left off, so you can continue to see the incremental progress and the next, most relevant, SEO actions.