• SEO Ready
    Did you know that, before you get those SEO meta tags sorted and start adding content
    your site code needs to be SEO ready and your menu structures amenable to search engine crawls?
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  • SEO Audit
    Discover your SEO opportunities by finding the best keywords for your sector
    Then analyse your competitors to complete the picture and you're well on your way
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    Today it's not about 'get the traffic', it's about 'get the targeted and relevant traffic'!
    On-page SEO is the next step to render your content both human and search engine friendly
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SEO | Gotta Get Optimised

Before a single line of code or content is written, it is essential to plan your site through the prism of SEO.  Because content can be changed later, but it is more difficult to optimise the site code after build, the first step is semantic markup with HTML attributes applied correctly.

Factors, such as how your menus are organised, how links are defined and what HTML5 tag names have been utilised for navigation, main content, sidebars, header & footer sections are critical at this early stage.

Whitespider looks after all of this for you by only using the very latest coding practices and laying out the site architecture consistent with the best white hat SEO practices

The next step is planning the SEO meta tags.  They’re the hidden snippets of data that tell search engines about your page and assist in your page being returned from user searches.

These tags include the meta title and description, the link text, the alt tags for images as well as the first header title of the page and the URL structure.  Plan this correctly and your pages’ SEO is in very good shape indeed.

A Whitespider SEO audit is an extremely useful way of quickly identifying keyword opportunities for your industry or sector and can illuminate why your competitor is nudging your domain down the search engine rankings.

With your site code already optimised and both keyword & competitor SEO analyses completed, you have the best possible platform to begin adding your content.

Rewriting content for SEO can be a difficult task, especially when it must read well to humans as well as search engines and SEO crawlers.  However, if you use the information gathered during the audit and pepper relevant keywords into your page you will further enhance your SEO.

Of course, you don’t simply want to repeat the same phrase ad-nauseum, but rather find alternative ways of reminding search engines what your page is really all about and Whitespider can help with that.  We’ll also setup and configure Google Search Console for you so you can see your site as Google does.


Clink & Learn | SEO, What's it all About?

Is SEO some kind of magic?  Lots of clients we talk to have been given misinformation about what search engine optimisation is really all about.  In the more extreme cases, we’ve seen people have their sites blacklisted or penalised by Google for using spammy backlinks or other black-hat techniques.   Press play on the video below and get a quick SEO crash course and learn for yourself

seo audit serps ranking domain authority competitor analysis
Whitespider | Latest News
  • 9th December 2019

    Google and HTTPS Compliance

    Have you heard about Google HTTPS compliance yet? Did you know that where once HTTPS (usually via SSL) was only required on ecommerce checkout pages and, for the more assiduous web administrators, on contact form pages too, it is now becoming a standard to have all pages on a website fully HTTPS compliant. Find out more here and why you should be adding an 'S' to the end of your web protocols!
  • 20th September 2019

    Make WordPress Private Posts Visible to Subscribers

    Private posts and pages on WordPress can be very useful for hiding content that is internal to the orgnaisation or perhaps a little too sensitive for common consumption. However, only WordPress Administrator and Editor user types will be able to see the private content and this might be a little restrictive for your requirements. What, for example, if you want another user type to have read access to the private content, without necessarily being able to create or edit such content? Here is one quick solution which makes WordPress private content visible to your Subscriber users
  • 18th July 2019

    Multiple H1 Tags, WordPress, SEO and the Whole Shebang

    We're all pretty clear by now that having a clear web page title in a H1 tag is good for SEO, but what if we have multiple H1 tags? How will that look to users and to Search Engines and does it hurt our SEO? Here we look at the question of multiple H1 tags and SEO with relevance to HTML5 and theme design.